logo_ATOKAsociace textilního-oděvního-kožedělného průmyslu
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ATOK is ...

ATOK is ...

  • the foremost enterprise association in the Czech Republic´s textile, apparel and leather sector
  • the mouthpiece of Czech producers towards  the country´s public and government institutions and organizations abroad
  • an important platform for dialogue and formulation of social attitudes and needs of Czech textile manufacturers
  • an important point for the establishment of the new  business  contacts as well as  place of the exchange of information on business, economy and technologies
  • the centre for processing, providing and exchange of statistical information within the textile, apparel and leather sector
  • the cooperating partner to the EU projects and programmes

Member Services

  • an extensive information service provided for member companies and on member companies
  • information on policies, standards enacted and EU-measures applicable to the textile, apparel and leather sector
  • promotion nationwide and abroad
  • publishing of the Member catalogue, e-ATOK revue monthly, annual reports and operating of the ATOK Web Page  www.atok.cz
  • space rent rate specials for selected fairs
  • mediation of cooperation in production with domestic and foreign partners


Representatives of ATOK


ATOK Leaflet
Multilingual explanatory textile dictionary
Multilingual explanatory textile dictionary
Faculty of Textile Engineering
Technical University of Liberec
Technical University of Liberec